About us

We used to travel to Sweden as tourists as well. Some years ago we finally decided to move from Germany to Sweden and are now looking forward to making other people's holidays in Sweden as comfortable as possible.


If you are thinking about a holiday in Sweden, you are looking for peace and relaxation in harmony with nature, loneliness, little excitement, vast forests and countless lakes. Although Sweden's popularity as a travel destination has increased a lot, which he longs for, already in the southern, more densely populated part of Sweden.Västragötaland offers hilly forest landscapes, numerous lakes, but also the western archipelago is part of this region. Nature, culture and customs are close together here. Gothenburg is easily accessible by train, plane and boat. To the north-east of Gothenburg, the holiday homes are 85 km away. Recreation also offers the incomparable air and the special water quality in many places.


As mentioned above, the Swedes pay special attention to their historical past and customs, which Astrid Lindgren has made known worldwide through her books and films. Selma Lagerlöf and the painter Carl Larsson with his wife Karin also shaped the image of Sweden in the world, to name just a few examples. An extraordinary scientist was the doctor and biologist Carl von Linné long before Alfred Nobel. At the same time, studying his life gives him a picture of Sweden, which he created first through his travels. He has not only looked at the plant world, but also on the landscapes, as well as the way of life and living conditions of the people. The Swedes cultivate their treasures, which can be spotted everywhere. As modern and progressive as this people seems, it pays close attention to its roots. In the cities many events take place during the summer months outdoors. The museums radiate cosiness with their cafes and products that they offer.

Public life

Everywhere in the country you will find grocery stores (ICA), which have a wide range and very long opening hours. The origin of the opening hours, which are still very unusual for Germany, can be found in the tradition that people used to be u.U. had long ways to go to church and on Sunday then wanted to do other things in the social center. There were even accommodations for those who could not handle the church one day. Also, a central sauna was often included and a meeting room. Anyone who has organized an event in Germany will appreciate the many opportunities that are available here in Sweden (always with a small stage and a kitchen). The restaurant culture is shaped in many places by the immigrants who open their snack bars there. A more pronounced restaurant culture has only developed for a few years. The Swedes themselves meet in their free time less in restaurants, but invite to their home or at the lake and host their guests with a delicious Smörgasbord. In the cities, a young life with many events characterizes the picture during the summer months. The cities with their green flair and lots of water have a high recreational value and also invite to shopping and a rich cultural life. The Swedes in general can be said to stick to the rules. In many public institutions you draw a number and stand patiently. Swedes are quiet people, of a quiet nature and withhold their opinions. Everyone respects each other's personal environment, whether it's a few square feet or a few acres. You do not go to foreign land! Heated debates will not be so easy to experience.



- Pets are not allowed.

- It is forbidden to smoke in the house.

- Street shoes should be taken off at the entrance.

- In the vacuum toilet no foreign objects, such as. B, floss, hair, tampons are discarded.

- It is forbidden to celebrate larger festivals

- You are in a recreation zone. As a result of your prudent behavior, petitions also allow other people    to relax in peace.

- Open fire may only be made in the barbecue area and for safety reasons only after consultation with the landlord.

- Do not enter the embankment.